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In contrast to Meiners, nevertheless, Blumenbach was a monogenist – he considered all humans to have a shared origin and to be a single species. For the peoples of the Caucasus Mountains, see Peoples of the Caucasus. For other makes use of of the time period “Caucasian”, see Caucasian (disambiguation). Rural poverty in Armenia, International Fund for Agricultural Development, 2007. “Tour Armenia” is aware of every little thing about Armenia and can assist you to to find its hidden treasures.

Armenian women, fortified with Christian faith and strengthened with nationwide spirit turned valiant troopers within the liberation struggle of the Armenian individuals, by the facet of their warrior husbands, brothers or fathers. They defended the sanctity of their households, the freedom of their fatherland, and the moral, non secular and mental values of their nation and church, even at the cost of their lives. Numerous are the moments and incidents during the Armenian Genocide, by which Armenian women upheld the respect of their nation by way of the brave positions taken by them. Furthermore, the history of the Karabakh liberation wrestle is stuffed with the names of girls who participated with whole devotion within the victories achieved.

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The story was so fascinating and relevant to my curiosity in finding out authorized solutions out there to Armenian women survivors of the genocide that I decided to hearken to 18 extra oral histories through the archive this summer. Although I actually have yet to discover a comparable story of an Ottoman court, I even have realized that there have been other methods Armenian women survivors needed to show their identification in a much less formal setting in order to receive assistance. Hovhannes Hovhannisyan stated there is a quite strong opinion in Armenia that the country’s future lies with Europe.

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Armenian women, as moms, have had singular importance in the considering and lifetime of the Armenian individuals. Starting from the pre-Christian interval, the Armenian people have seen the Armenian mom as the “source,” “life giver,” “breath and vitality” (Agathangelos) of the nation’s perpetuity.

The Armenian people have wished to see Armenian women basically and primarily as mothers, rendering motherhood into a supreme and most sacred advantage. Armenian moms have been not only the supply of copy and productivity, but in addition the instance of self-sacrifice, service and loyalty. The model of the Armenian woman as mom has been considered so sacred for our folks that our sacred national values are qualified with the word “mom” – mom tongue, mother Armenia, mom church.

It was Johann Friedrich Blumenbach, a colleague of Meiners’, who later got here to be considered one of the founders of the self-discipline of anthropology, who gave the time period a wider viewers, by grounding it in the new strategies of craniometry and Linnean taxonomy. Blumenbach didn’t credit score Meiners together with his taxonomy, although his justification clearly points to Meiners’ aesthetic viewpoint of Caucasus origins.

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Rather, they have proven particular love and solicitude towards their women – a phenomenon that may be thought-about unique to a certain extent amongst oriental peoples. Naturally, the course of our history, the evolution of Armenian life, and the emerging new situations and realities, around us have sometimes positively and generally negatively affected the place, position and function of girls in Armenian life. The role of Armenian women in the field of social work has all the time been pivotal. They have not remained detached to the needs and issues of our people, significantly when conditions in our life have been tragic. With exemplary devotion, Armenian women have buckled all the way down to the duty of gathering and educating the orphans, caring for the sick, offering shelter to the poor, widows and widowers, comforting those in mourning, and financially aiding the indigent.

Armenian women have also participated within the political and public realms of the lifetime of the Armenian individuals. Queens and princesses have been not only the trustworthy spouses and shut supporters of their husbands, but also their worthy advisors. We are acquainted with the special role played by numerous women such as Queen Ashkhen and Princess Khosrovitukhd in the critical durations of Armenian historical past, from Armenia to Cilicia after which the Diaspora. The weighty obligation assumed by Armenian women involving the formation and preservation of the household has never prevented them from assuming accountable positions within the spheres encompassing political and usually the public life of our nation.

“There is not any speak about Asia,” he mentioned, including that Armenian society considers itself European and celebrates its European origins and values. He also mentioned Armenia shares a significant historical past with Europe as a result of Armenian comes from the identical language household as many European languages. Despite the prevailing conservative strategy in direction of women, our folks, typically talking, haven’t manifested a discriminatory spirit toward Armenian women, haven’t considered them inferior and not stored them on the margin of society.

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In these contexts, they’ve made a considerable contribution to the development of Armenian political pondering and the group of our nationwide life. Last semester, I was in a course known as Genocide and Human Rights, for which we had the choice of using the University of Southern California’s Shoah Foundation visual history archive to discover a main supply for certainly one of our assignments.